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The entrance to the Abbesses mtro station is a masterpiece of Art Nouveau architecture. Designed by Hector Guimard, it is one of the two surviving mtro entrances of the kind in Paris. It is situated on the busy square of Place des Abbesses in the 18th arrondissement at the foot of the Montmartre hill.Entrance to Metro station Abbesses. General Information Abbesses station is on Line 12 of the mtro in the 18eme arrondissement, running in the directions of Porte de la Chapelle and Porte Versailles. The station was named after the abbesses of the nearby Damesde Montmartre abbey and it is one of the deepest stations in Paris at nearly 36 metres. metro station abbesses paris

Abbesses is the killer station that's why there's an elevator. You don't want to climb the stairs in Abbesses. The funicular is another thing altogether, and you will need another Metro

Apr 09, 2018 Re: Paris Nord Train Station to Abbesses Metro Station Monmartre Apr 9, 2018, 3: 32 PM I just walked that Paris Nord tunnel to the Line 2 connection and actually went to Abbesses station as well, it was nice and flat, straight over to Line 2. Abbesses is the deepest station in the Paris Mtro, at 36 metres (118 feet) below ground, it is located on the western side of the butte (hill) of Montmartre. Access to the platforms is occasionally by elevators, but they are typically accessed by decorated stairs.metro station abbesses paris 10 Of The Most Beautiful Art Nouveau Metro Stations in Paris. Paul McQueen. Updated: 22 November 2016. Abbesses metro station stairwell Connie Ma. More Info. Paris, ledeFrance, , France. Ternes was among the second wave of Paris metro stations to open in 1902. From their earliest days, while many loved Guimards designs

Paris Mtro Line 12 (opened as Line A in 1910) is one of sixteen metro lines in Paris, France. It links IssylesMoulineaux in southern Paris to Front Populaire in the north. With 72 million journeys per year, Line 12 is the eleventh busiest on the Parisian Mtropolitan system. metro station abbesses paris How can the answer be improved? Jan 03, 2019 One of the deepest Metro Stations in Paris leads up to the quaint Place des Abbesses where you will begin to experience the quintessential Montmartre vibe. It just struck me as typifying the architecture and soul of this wonderful arrondissement with plenty of cafes where Needless, the mines closed in 1840's, The actual metro platform was built at bedrock, 285! ! steps below Place des Abbesses (where the station is located). . yup! Each Art Nouveau stop was designed by architect Hector Guimard, and really define Paris as an art haven. The first metro opened in Paris Abbesses Metro station entrance is located on Place des Abbesses in Montmartre. It is one of the three remaining Art Nouveau entrances in Paris the other two are Porte Dauphine and Place SainteOpportune, one of Chtelet exits.

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