Macbook air 13 macbook pro 13 comparison

2020-01-19 07:25

49 facts in comparison. Apple MacBook Air (2015) 13 vs Apple MacBook Pro (2015) 13The 2018 MacBook Air comes with a 50. 3Wh battery compared to 54Wh on the previous Air and 54. 5Wh on the 13 MacBook Pro. Apple claims the Air's battery is macbook air 13 macbook pro 13 comparison

But for the sake of comparison, well be comparing the nonTouch Bar model with the other models here. MacBook Air vs MacBook vs 13inch MacBook Pro: Touch ID, Touch Bar, and security IDG.

From the new 13inch MacBook Air and superlight 12inch MacBook to the 13inch and 15inch MacBook Pros with the Touch Bar, Apples laptop lineup has never had more variety. Dec 27, 2018  In terms of design, both the 13inch MacBook Air and 13inch MacBook Pro share an allaluminum finish, but the new Air comes in gold and silver colors, in addition tomacbook air 13 macbook pro 13 comparison Could the new MacBook Air be better than the 13inch MacBook Pro? Share MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro: how Apples laptops compare. share tweet Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email.

Continuing our ongoing MacBook comparison series, we pit the 2017 12inch MacBook against the 2018 13inch MacBook Air, the latter of which was recently revamped with a refreshed design, Retina macbook air 13 macbook pro 13 comparison Note: For the sake of this comparison, we're comparing the two variants of the 13inch 2016 MacBook Pros the nonTouch Bar model and the Touch Bar version with the 13inch MacBook Air.

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