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ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum RollOn Deodorant provides 72hour protection against body odour, 24hour antiperspirant, nonsticky and gentle on skin. There is no Alcohol, Triclosan, Paraben& MIT. ENCHANTEUR Paris Body Mist, a pocketsized and lightweight product with captivating fragrances which offers 24hour body odour protection.Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Deo Body Mist. starborder starborder starborder starborder starborder (0) RM10. 84. favoriteborder. Add to Cart. zoomoutmap. Nivea Deo Energy Fresh Body Spray 150ml. starborder starborder Enchanteur Body Mist Alluring 75ml. enchanteur paris deo body mist

Oct 30, 2016  Parfum Body Care Range, The ENCHANTEUR PARIS Sponsored Review As I opened this box, I could smell the fragrance from Enchanteur Paris. Parfum Body Care Range comes in 3 different scents: Mon Amie: Parfum Deo Mist. Texture: Like its name, you can feel its mist,

French fragrances for women. Explore Enchanteur's complete personal care and perfumes; straight from the land of romance France. body mist ENCHANTEUR fragranceenhanced deodorants are available in 3 formats to best suit your need RollOn Deodorant, Stick Deodorant, and Body Mist. ENCHANTEUR Deodorants help prevent body odour up to 24 hours, giving you all day confidence and freshness.enchanteur paris deo body mist Nov 10, 2016 Enchanteur Paris body mist from Belle Amour and Adore is such a cutie, however for now I only use Belle Amour, then maybe I can try Adore later. I really curious what kind of feelings when I spray Adore all over my body.

Belle sprays on the ENCHANTEUR EDT to enhance the splendour. Its time to head out and seize the day! As the finishing touch, Belle spritzes the ENCHANTEUR Perfumed Body Mist and steps out the door, feeling more confident than ever. enchanteur paris deo body mist ENCHANTEUR Romantic Perfumed Deo Mist 75ml. RM8. 50. Perak. ENCHANTEUR Elegant Perfumed Shower Creme 600g. RM13. 55 (3) Enchanteur Paris Hand and Body Lotion Adore Antibacterial Care (100ml) RM7. 00. RM8. 1514 (2) Selangor. ENCHANTEUR Paris Parfum Shower Gel Adore Soothe& Care (750G) Pros of Enchanteur Body Mist Charming: Fragrance is feminine and awesome. Did not cause any irritation and did not make me sneeze. Inexpensive and easily available. Fragrance is long lasting. Cons of Enchanteur Body Mist Charming: The only thing I disliked is the spray knob which is bit delicate. Enchanteur Paris Mon Amie Deo Body Mist 100ml. RM9. 20. 0. No ratings yet. Enchanteur Paris Belle Amour Eau de Toilette 50ml. RM25. 00. 1. No ratings yet. Belle Amour 50ml ENCHANTEUR Paris Eau De Toilette. RM33. 92. 0. No ratings yet. Eau De Toilette Belle Amour 50ml ENCHANTEUR Paris Enchanteur is a range of indulgent female toiletries with exclusive French Fragrances. Enchanteur provides exceptional product quality with luxury packaging for an

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