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Dec 30, 2016 Starships size comparison Duration: 3: 38. What It Would Be Like to Live on Starkiller Base: Your Life in Star Wars (Prelude to Episode 8) Duration: 9: 01.If starkiller base is actually a moon instead of a planet, that works better. And it kind of makes a lot more sense and cuts down on costs to build a super weapon out of an existing planetoid than create an all new one. This was probably a quarter the cost of the death star 1 to build. starkiller base size comparison

The Physics of Starkiller Base. If the star drained in The Force Awakens is of a similar size to our sun, he told me in an email, the weapon could easily destroy five planets.

Dec 22, 2015  The diameter of the Death Star is known (120km), and with this we can make a pretty good guess of the diameter of Starkiller Base. From what is seen in The Force Awakens, Im going to say Starkiller base is about ten times the size of the Death Star, or about 1200km diameter. Which is more powerful, the Death Star or the Starkiller Base? Update Cancel. To compare, imagine Starkiller as the BFG in the movie Doom. it could fire very powerful blasts but was a clumsy weapon and had limited shots. It is made very clear in The Force Awakens that the Death Star was miniscule in size in contrast to the Starkillerstarkiller base size comparison There are a lot of different numbers floating around out there as to the size of all three of these weapons. For DS1, Ive seen diameters of 120, 140, or 160 km. For DS2, Ive seen 160 to 900 km. Wookieepedia has Starkiller Base at a diameter of 660 km. For point of reference, the Earths moon is 3400 km

According to canon, the Starkiller Base has a diameter of 660km, which is verified by it having a diameter roughly 5. 5 times that of the Death Star as depicted in Episode VII. As volume rises cubically with diameter, a first pass analysis would state that the Starkiller Base costs: 20. 221 SEXTILLION starkiller base size comparison Size comparison between the Earth and the Starkiller Base Size comparison between the Earth and the Death Star 2 Size comparison: Imperial Iclass Star Destroyer vs Dec 24, 2015 The planet Starkiller base is on is approximately 57 x the diameter of the Death Star shown. If the is the DS I then 160 x 5 800 km, 160 x 7 1120 km. If that is the DS II then 900 x 5 4500 and 900 x 7 6300. For comparison the moon is 3500 km and Mars is 6300 km. Either way

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